The Day Has Come Where Smell Is An Option

Mar 15, 2017 – Virtual reality technology has always been exciting for many but the technology is still working out all of the kinks. Many are still enjoying the VR porn that is available right now while the creators and developers are trying to brainstorm ways to help the user be more ‘involved’ in the experience. They’ve already come out with VR toys that help you experience a more ‘real’ encounter with the porn actor.

Now there’s a new option that will soon be available; smell. Imagine putting on your VR headset and being able to smell the actor you’re with or the environment…now it can be a reality. The odor of sex isn’t pleasing to everyone but not to worry. You’ll have the option of choosing from 30 different scents to suit your specific aroma desires.

So How Will It Work?

It’s a device called’ OhRama’ and it’s designed similar to a gas mask. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and sets beneath your goggles so as not to interfere with the experience. The mask holds two different canisters so you can place the scent of your choice inside before you begin your pleasurable encounter.

Right now the device is being designed to be used with cam websites. These websites allows users to watch live streams of actors. Now users will be able to smell the actor or the room while watching their favorite webcam star.

Recommended Scents for Men

If you’re looking to get excited quickly with the help of smell choose arousing scents; a pumpkin/lavender scent to be exact. Dr. Alan Hirsch, a smell researcher, says lavender/pumpkin scents arouse men the most. Of course, with 30 different scents to choose from you’ll likely find several that bring about arousal faster.

Upon launch of the OhRama you can expect to spend around $60 for the device and up to $30 for replacement canisters. Not a bad price to pay if you’re looking to enhance your VR porn experiences.

Virtual-Reality porn was definitely designed for men

Sep 18, 2016 – There has been quite an extreme hype about virtual reality porn recently. So much so that youíd simply believe it is the next big thing. If what was observed from behind the makeshift VR viewer is any indication, the industry has much work to do before it transforms the porn-viewing customs especially if they desire to impress women.


An experiment was done by a female using a cardboard VR goggles (an economical preference that only costs less than $15.00 compared to the high-end Oculus Rift that is around $1,500.00) and a compatible phone.

There were a couple of issues that needs immediate attention: Downloading a video takes forever and thereís not even a streaming option (at the very least from Gamelink, the corporation whose products that was used for this test). Porn viewing is the sort of thing you do on the spur of the minute. It kills the mood when you have to wait two hours to even get started. But, when you’ve completed the movie download and the free screening program, it appears like you can re-watch it any time.

For the bulky headset, which certainly detracted from the overall sexiness of the experience and all the specialized exasperation, the biggest pet peeve about the current state-of-the-art VR porn is which one can’t find a single title that looked remotely aimed towards a lady viewer. Frankly, this may not be far off from PornHub, which skews toward titles.

The movie downloaded for the VR viewer that Gamelink delivered was entitled ìPinned Up and Poked Hardî; featuring two celebrities who walks into a “room” that the movie tries to stimulate. To put it differently, when you’re wearing a VR headset, youíre supposed to feel like you are in an identical space as the performers. Since the movie was of a guy being seduced by two women and later on serviced his manhood, it really didn’t do much from a womanís point of view. Now, if they needed to make a content directed towards using gender perspectives, which would also be a very good thing! Unfortunately, thatís not whatís happening. Itís all for the dudes.

The female viewer has concluded why a straight man would love this based from observation. In the end, it is entirely designed for the maleís gaze. The celebrities focus into the camera-lens as if staring into the audience’s eyes, aiming for a kind of intimacy that cannot be reached through viewing a movie. For men who dig cam girls, this would probably feel like a legitimate extension. It’s really a performance only for them, on demand. The male porn entertainers are invisible at all because the observer is the protagonist of the movie. You can, however, hear the performer grunting and breathing.

ìI strove to picture what this might seem like for me personally as a straight girl, and it was challenging to come up with a circumstance. Men parading around nude in front of people, performing for women, creating us into the subject would perhaps, not be an item of a sex scenario. Possibly VR porn purveyors can figure it away, but I cannot picture how they will simulate caressing or kissing of breasts or even different intercourse opportunities. I am able to see how they’d display cunnilingus from a VR standpoint, with all the angle of the camera someplace near the celebrities’ upper bodyî states the female viewer.

It cannot simulate sensuality, at the very least, not yet; Although VR porn, as it exists now, models intimacy for male viewers.

There are some immediate assurances in the digital porn universe, nevertheless, even if it’s heading to consider a while for women to get thanks. Digital sexology makes porn superstars into teachers. Using a VR viewer like the cardboard Google goggles or a high-end viewer, a guy can learn the way to be a better lover.

Therefore, while there’s a long approach to move before porn will be replaced by VR porn, its early phase is definitely interesting. And if the man you’re dating needs to throw 1,500 bucks for an Oculus Rift even though he’s maybe not much of a gamer, now you have an idea why might suddenly be interested.

Japan’s Virtual Reality Porn event shutdown due to Overcrowding

Aug 8, 2016 – Virtual reality porn and robot sex toys were about to change the game in the porn industry but, unfortunately, the event had a difficulty providing the excitement. Sadly for Tokyo citizens who are keen to getting their fingers (and more) on the latest advanced intercourse toys, Japan’s Grownup VR Holiday event was cancelled as a result of “overcrowding”, based on VR reviews. The welcoming crowd from the site became so big and wild that the authorities were compelled to shutdown the entire darn thing.

Used in Tokyo’s gambling area, Akihabara, Adult VR Holiday 01 was a chance for attractive techies to check out the latest X-rated engineering. The gadgets were out on the open for people to indulge and find interesting discoveries like a cardboard that senses and press boobs. I have no earthly idea how the engineers have done it nor how a device using air movement can sense one. This topic is something I’ll add on my research list.

For event guests that wanted to move beyond the second base, VR blowup toy humping was additionally accessible utilizing headphones like Oculus Rift. Shyness didn’t look like a hindrance in trying away the virtual toys in public places.

It’s a bummer everybody didn’t get a move the very first time around, but worry not. The fest continues to be rescheduled for the following month! At least there is still Free VR Porn online 24 hours a day.

VR Porn Event in Japan

Jul 27, 2016 – A Japanese VR Porn Event came to an end prematurely as herds of digital porn lovers triggered overcrowding anxieties.

Flows of residents were seeking to get their hands on the most recent innovations in the adult entertainment business in the first event of its type – the Grownup VR Holiday 01 in the Akihabara area of Tokyo.

But supporters of virtual reality porn (which reenacts sexual activity and other actions utilizing a combination of simulator headsets, man-friendly sex toys and additional devices) were left disappointed as the event was shutdown thanks to unparalleled recognition.

One of the attractions was a device that mimicked a girl along with a guy as he lay on the ground and yet another where gamblers place their hands in to a cardboard container which blew atmosphere in ways that enabled individuals to fondle what felt to be a boob.

Google pursuit of virtual reality porn have shot up to 10,000%  in the past twenty weeks and the recognition was apparent as tons of enthusiastic devotees got flipped aside.

A Western reporter informed VR Discuss: ‘For those who did get to move indoors, their delight went crazy.

‘I am maybe not completely certain if the exact same thing might occur in the United States will organize such, but VR porn lovers quickly dashed to try out at a few of the latest virtual reality devices.’

It is understood around 20 supporters created it indoors, but as bunches continued to jostle for place outside in the queue, organizers called the occasion away.

Managers have promised fanatics that the rescheduled occasion will take place in a larger place to ease the erotica lovers.

A blogger, known only as Eizo, stated employees were in tears when the fest was called off, and stated: ‘The occasion didn’t begin until 2 PM, therefore I went there in high spirits one hour before then, but the town had been full of folks.

‘There have been a lot which made it nearly impossible to maintain the situation in check. While looking forward to my buddies, I couldn’t help but believe when they couldn’t command the bulk of individuals, a riot or some thing comparable might occur.

‘The 20 fortunate men nearest to the building were let in from the employees. I’m convinced there was a point inside the creating that matched the one exterior.

‘Outside the building for the Grownup VR Holiday, the unofficial waiting beyond the building crossed both factors, therefore it turned out to be an actual nightmare here.

VR, the creepy future of Porn

Jul 1, 2016 – Never have I thought about experiencing an advanced technology in the middle of the E3 floor surrounded by known show-goers. Despite all the explanations provided, it’s still hard to comprehend what virtual reality porn produce.


The booth occupied a little room in the rear of the LA Conference Center but Naught America might have been the only booth capable of equaling Nintendo for downright display hype. We must’ve wandered a dozen times during our three day convention and there was a consistent small military of show-goers lined up to go for a twist.

Just like your typical first person shooter, the engineering of this technology is constructed around a POV (stage-of-view) photo where the camera is replaced by the actual viewer. The experience was both astonishing and occasionally nausea-causing but it becomes a game changer when you’ve swapped your bits and bobs with someone else’s.

The company provides a trial version of the clips in which the scenarios and co-stars alter while the view is more or less precisely the same. I’m still having a hard time to state how mind-blowing it was and just how much the technology of this type of business has firmly evolved. Though there’s still much to improve, the company did tell me that several attendees enjoyed the unusual setting and all.

This marked the opportunity of Naughty America to fill in the porn borders of the system. The content is also viewable in 4k among its additional items. I’m not 100 percent certain why this would beat anyone’s top list but there you go. It exists. Enjoy.

Once you get past the notably off putting of replacing neither regions with a specialist character, VR porn does offer an interesting way forward for an industry that, like many others, is a hard hit from the preponderance of free online content. The television sites have frantically placed the porn business under siege says John, the company’s CIO. Thanks to VR, we get people to subscribe in porn again.