Experience a Sexual Wonderland in 3DXChat 2.0 Beta

Nov 1, 2016 – If you aren’t familiar with 3DXChat it’s a virtual world for adults where you can partake in your most secret, sexual desires. You have the ability to do many things you might not do in real life. The community already offers high quality graphics and now it’s released a beta version of this very popular sex game.


What Does Beta Mean?
Beta version means the software is close to being released to the general public. Either random public users or specially selected users are given access to the ‘beta’ version in order for the company to work on improvement and receive feedback from the users. This helps developers fix any kinks and make sure the software is good to go before being released to the public.

What Does 3DXChat Mean?
3DXChat is actually an interactive community for PC-platforms where users can choose an avatar and enjoy sexual fantasies with other users. There are many different activities users can enjoy, aside from the sexual ones of course, including lounging on a yacht, walking along the virtual beach, going to a live DJ party, creating and designing their own apartment, and so much more.

Currently the game is available in subscriptions; $19.99 for one month, $59.99 for six months, or $91.99 for a year’s subscription. As with most games users do have to agree to a certain set of game rules and can be banned or warned if they break the rules. Naturally, users must be at least 18 years or older to join.

What is 3DXChat 2.0?
A lot of improvements are included with the release of 3DXChat 2.0. Several upgrades offer improved visuals and film quality-like effects. The colors have been improved, realistic water effects have been added and even the ability to change the time of day for users individual characters. Users can also move to any location they wish and eliminate a piece of clothing with just the click of their mouse. New hairstyles and new props are also included.

When Does it Launch?
The final release of 3DXChat 2.0 should be released soon but there is no specific date currently set. In addition, the company behind 3DXChat has also temporarily disabled the support for VR devices. Click here to learn more.

Virtual-Reality porn was definitely designed for men

Sep 18, 2016 – There has been quite an extreme hype about virtual reality porn recently. So much so that youíd simply believe it is the next big thing. If what was observed from behind the makeshift VR viewer is any indication, the industry has much work to do before it transforms the porn-viewing customs especially if they desire to impress women.


An experiment was done by a female using a cardboard VR goggles (an economical preference that only costs less than $15.00 compared to the high-end Oculus Rift that is around $1,500.00) and a compatible phone.

There were a couple of issues that needs immediate attention: Downloading a video takes forever and thereís not even a streaming option (at the very least from Gamelink, the corporation whose products that was used for this test). Porn viewing is the sort of thing you do on the spur of the minute. It kills the mood when you have to wait two hours to even get started. But, when you’ve completed the movie download and the free screening program, it appears like you can re-watch it any time.

For the bulky headset, which certainly detracted from the overall sexiness of the experience and all the specialized exasperation, the biggest pet peeve about the current state-of-the-art VR porn is which one can’t find a single title that looked remotely aimed towards a lady viewer. Frankly, this may not be far off from PornHub, which skews toward titles.

The movie downloaded for the VR viewer that Gamelink delivered was entitled ìPinned Up and Poked Hardî; featuring two celebrities who walks into a “room” that the movie tries to stimulate. To put it differently, when you’re wearing a VR headset, youíre supposed to feel like you are in an identical space as the performers. Since the movie was of a guy being seduced by two women and later on serviced his manhood, it really didn’t do much from a womanís point of view. Now, if they needed to make a content directed towards using gender perspectives, which would also be a very good thing! Unfortunately, thatís not whatís happening. Itís all for the dudes.

The female viewer has concluded why a straight man would love this based from observation. In the end, it is entirely designed for the maleís gaze. The celebrities focus into the camera-lens as if staring into the audience’s eyes, aiming for a kind of intimacy that cannot be reached through viewing a movie. For men who dig cam girls, this would probably feel like a legitimate extension. It’s really a performance only for them, on demand. The male porn entertainers are invisible at all because the observer is the protagonist of the movie. You can, however, hear the performer grunting and breathing.

ìI strove to picture what this might seem like for me personally as a straight girl, and it was challenging to come up with a circumstance. Men parading around nude in front of people, performing for women, creating us into the subject would perhaps, not be an item of a sex scenario. Possibly VR porn purveyors can figure it away, but I cannot picture how they will simulate caressing or kissing of breasts or even different intercourse opportunities. I am able to see how they’d display cunnilingus from a VR standpoint, with all the angle of the camera someplace near the celebrities’ upper bodyî states the female viewer.

It cannot simulate sensuality, at the very least, not yet; Although VR porn, as it exists now, models intimacy for male viewers.

There are some immediate assurances in the digital porn universe, nevertheless, even if it’s heading to consider a while for women to get thanks. Digital sexology makes porn superstars into teachers. Using a VR viewer like the cardboard Google goggles or a high-end viewer, a guy can learn the way to be a better lover.

Therefore, while there’s a long approach to move before porn will be replaced by VR porn, its early phase is definitely interesting. And if the man you’re dating needs to throw 1,500 bucks for an Oculus Rift even though he’s maybe not much of a gamer, now you have an idea why might suddenly be interested.

The Rise Of Adult Virtual Reality

Aug 18, 2016 – Adult Virtual Reality business is leading the race by getting the largest sector in VR after games and pictures, which experts predict might be worth $1 billion per year by 2025.In accordance with the Google Trends information, VR Porn is one of the top searched keyword on Google, which has grown 100-collapse from November 2014 through April 2016, saving a 9,900-percent growth in only 17 weeks. With dozens of producers entering the VR room and consumers adopting VR enthusiastically too, the needs for Google Cardboard, Hive and Oculus Rift headsets is said to have noted a rise too.


Reviews described that the world’s largest porn site, Pornhub overly begun supplying free VR porn to the customers with hundreds of videos available to all. The movies could be played through headsets including Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, and even the Google Cardboard.Corey Cost, Vice President of Pornhub, spoke on the new development earlier this year and mentioned, “Virtual reality is the following period in the always metamorphosing world of grownup entertainment, and will supply customers with a mesmeric experience unlike anything they’ve noticed before. Now, our consumers are not just able to view our content, but be protagonists in the experience and interact with their favorite porn superstars.”The adult business’s adaptability to latest technology in the market is its largest profit producing characteristic that nonetheless makes it exceptionally popular with its consumers.

Meanwhile, ‘Porn’ always stays the most searched term at Google, following ‘Facebook’ and ‘G Mail,’ as well as the record was broken just lately by ‘Brexit’ when ‘European Union’ and ‘U.K. referendum’ beat it to be the most searched issues.The virtual reality sector is predicted to change into enormous $40 billion company by the year 2020 as asserted by analysts at research company SuperData, together with the desire for digital porn probably to be a huge portion of it.