VR Porn Demystified

Virtual Reality is an on screen augmented (artificial) environment that users experience through VR head gear. The setting captures programmed sights and sounds that trick the brain into picking them as a real world.

The VR world has hit the 21st century with vigor, and many gaming companies and gamers worldwide are using more VR platforms. To access a virtual reality, users need to buy a VR equipment such an Oculus headset to be taken to this new and exhilarating environment.

Many industries are trying to integrate VR into their products/services to keep up with user demands. The Porn Industry hasn’t been left behind and is now giving users a new experience.

VR Porn is now the craze and just recently, a VR Porn convention was canceled due to overbooking. People are eager to experience the thrill of sex in a 180°-360° angle. Like everything else new, VR Porn has piqued quite a lot of interest.

The Difference Between VR Porn and Traditional Porn

In traditional porn videos, viewers only get to watch sexual acts on a 2D scale.

In VR, however, the user wears the headset and the actor/actress is in proximity with their faces where their viewing angle becomes wider and the user can focus on different areas of the room.


The viewer may choose the areas they want to focus on such as the face of the actor(s), they can concentrate on the genital area or any other part they want. VR Porn transports the user into the room where the sexual action is taking place making him/her feel more engaged.

The reality is; the current VR Porn content available is yet to deliver the real satisfaction that it’s capable of. Users see themselves in the same room as the actor(s) and can observe the action at a close degree, but that’s all they can do, unfortunately.

But given the feedback VR Porn producers have received, time is coming where users will start interacting with the actor and the scene.

Once they introduce an interactive platform where users can choose to undress, choose the location and perform the acts they want to the actor, then we shall see more and more individuals becoming immersed in VR Porn.

The Beauty of VR Porn

To some, they think the world is ending with the introduction of VR Porn, but I beg to differ. I believe that this new form of porn will help many people become more confident.

Individuals who don’t have the self-esteem to approach a woman and ask for sexual favors will now use this new environment to try out their skills and become confident.

Couples stuck in a rut can use virtual reality together and discover new sexual experiences they haven’t tried before!

VR Porn is the present and the future! Anybody who loves porn will be grateful that they can now use a platform that helps them be part of the action!