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You are just taking photos though, right? Starring: Pepper XO, Chad White

Pepper XO is excited for the prospect of nude modeling photos, after coming across Randy’s ad she heads in for a shoot. However, she soon realizes this isn’t just a photoshoot…Download
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From her ass to your mouth

Stacy and Sophia (two local strippers) have seen Randy’s fliers all over town, in fact, they have heard the many stories of what goes on here. They aren’t here for some phony photoshoot, they are here to see if the rumors are true, and to see the famous “big dick”.Download
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I came here for the money. Starring: Harley Jade, Chad White

Harley made her way to the wild west from the potato fields of Idaho. She needs some money to get on her feet, so she came to Randy’s for one thing and one thing only. Cash.Download
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Shove my cock in your friend Starring: Alexa Nova, Harley Jade, Chad White

Harley returns to Randy’s, this time she brings a friend with, promising her some easy money for nude photos. Now, somewhat of a ally to Randy, Harley soon has her innocent friend taking Randy’s cock balls deep.Download
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I love the way you stretched my ass

Taylor’s curiosity is piqued when she glances over at Randy’s sex toy wall. She particularly eyes the buttplug as she has wanted to try anal play for quite some time. However, the plug isn’t all she wants in her ass.Download
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