mASSage – Loren Minardi

A soothing rub-down is a great way to start your VR porn experience. “Just relax. I will give you a nice massage,” Loren Minardi says in her thick exotic accent. She is a professional masseuse, and maybe it’s all the room’s tribal phallic decoration or having you almost naked in front of her, but when she starts oiling your chest, her horniness gets the best of her. You won’t be needing that towel for much longer. This sexy brunette starts to jerk you off with her left hand, while the right is being used to help her get out of that black dress she’s wearing. Loren gets on top of you and begins to ride you while touching the perfect C cups that enhance your view. Having a little taste of her own pussy, Loren sucks and spits on your dick, preparing it for that tight gaping butthole that she wants to stick it in. With no hesitation, she turns around for a reverse cowgirl position and guides your cock into her asshole, riding it until you’re ready to adorn that big booty with the happiest of endings.

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