MikuMikuDance (MMD)

MikuMikuDance (MMD) is a software program responsible for animating 3D CGI characters that you see in many VR porn videos. The software is affordable and easy to use so many character creators are turning to this option and so are anime enthusiasts who have never tried making their own content. MMD was originally designed to animate a virtual pop star, Miku’s, dance moves. It didn’t take long for users and viewers to see the depth of potential for MMD.

LewdFraggy has done well with this concept and now has a library that consists of more than 300 models and 1,000 scenes. Every single experience is customizable using his Waifu Sex Simulator. He continues to grow his collection but it proves just how dedicated he is to his talent and can now take credit for one of the largest MMD collections online.

VR Kanojo Launches Worldwide

Apr 7, 2017 – The long-awaited yet controversial japanese adult VR game VR Kanojo finally launches on February 28, 2017. The developer Illusion finally presents the sex scene to the public. From the “romantic” scene shows various interaction with the heroine in different costumes. I think the most intriguing part is how the player plays the game with Oculus Touch or Vive Controllers.

Domo Arigato – Marica Hase

Sexy Japanese businesswoman, Marica Hase is always so busy with her work that she simply doesn’t have time to meet a proper man. That’s where you come in! After all, you’re a gigolo and Marica is your most upscale client yet. When you arrive at her plush estate, she’s there to greet you, already dressed in her irresistible lingerie and stockings. Ready to get to work?

Geisha Go Anal Featuring Pussy Kat

When you visit a geisha like the very hot Pussy Kat, absolutely all your needs will be met. Get a sweet dedicated foreplay experience that includes deep blowjobs, footjobs and tittyfucking. But mostly, you should remember: Just because her name is Pussy, doesn’t mean that’s the only hole available for you. Dig into some great Asian anal sex and watch her gaping butthole in virtual reality as you come all over her ass cheeks.

Otaku girl – Lola Taylor

Nerd, strange, always talking about japanise animes and other things you don’t give a shit about… Your weird neighborg is the last person on Earth that you may consider to fuck. Until today. Today you’ll realize how hot and sexy a Otaku can be. Cause when she pass by your house to print her Anime convention tickets and and you see her in her pretty japanese Lolita custom you’ll instantly have a boner so hard that it’ll almost hurts you. And then, you’ll know that the time to stick your cock inside her tiny nerdy pussy has arrived! So get your VR headset and enjoy this VR porn scene in 180 Degrees FOV and our awesome Binaural Sound in your Smartphone Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift & HTC Vive!

Japan’s Virtual Reality Porn event shutdown due to Overcrowding

Aug 8, 2016 – Virtual reality porn and robot sex toys were about to change the game in the porn industry but, unfortunately, the event had a difficulty providing the excitement. Sadly for Tokyo citizens who are keen to getting their fingers (and more) on the latest advanced intercourse toys, Japan’s Grownup VR Holiday event was cancelled as a result of “overcrowding”, based on VR reviews. The welcoming crowd from the site became so big and wild that the authorities were compelled to shutdown the entire darn thing.

Used in Tokyo’s gambling area, Akihabara, Adult VR Holiday 01 was a chance for attractive techies to check out the latest X-rated engineering. The gadgets were out on the open for people to indulge and find interesting discoveries like a cardboard that senses and press boobs. I have no earthly idea how the engineers have done it nor how a device using air movement can sense one. This topic is something I’ll add on my research list.

For event guests that wanted to move beyond the second base, VR blowup toy humping was additionally accessible utilizing headphones like Oculus Rift. Shyness didn’t look like a hindrance in trying away the virtual toys in public places.

It’s a bummer everybody didn’t get a move the very first time around, but worry not. The fest continues to be rescheduled for the following month! At least there is still Free VR Porn online 24 hours a day.