MikuMikuDance (MMD)

MikuMikuDance (MMD) is a software program responsible for animating 3D CGI characters that you see in many VR porn videos. The software is affordable and easy to use so many character creators are turning to this option and so are anime enthusiasts who have never tried making their own content. MMD was originally designed to animate a virtual pop star, Miku’s, dance moves. It didn’t take long for users and viewers to see the depth of potential for MMD.

LewdFraggy has done well with this concept and now has a library that consists of more than 300 models and 1,000 scenes. Every single experience is customizable using his Waifu Sex Simulator. He continues to grow his collection but it proves just how dedicated he is to his talent and can now take credit for one of the largest MMD collections online.

VR Kanojo Launches Worldwide

Apr 7, 2017 – The long-awaited yet controversial japanese adult VR game VR Kanojo finally launches on February 28, 2017. The developer Illusion finally presents the sex scene to the public. From the “romantic” scene shows various interaction with the heroine in different costumes. I think the most intriguing part is how the player plays the game with Oculus Touch or Vive Controllers.

Is Virtual Reality Porn a New Way to Cheat?

Mar 27, 2017 – VR technology is starting to be recognized more and more on a regular basis with the variety of VR goggles now available. While the majority of VR technology is not adult-entertainment based, you will find a variety of VR porn videos and other devices (flesh lights and interactive suits among others) already available to the public. So will virtual reality porn become the new way to cheat?

Virtual reality experiences are just that, ‘virtual’ reality. It’s not considered a form of cheating by most people because it’s not a ‘real’ experience. When the experience becomes a reality, then it’s considered cheating. Of course, some people may not agree. For those who may become addicted to VR porn experiences or have an emotional attachment, their significant other could consider this cheating. Especially if it’s taking away from the ‘real-life’ relationship.
For men the reality of this happening isn’t unheard of. Some men have favorite porn stars, just like women have celebrity male crushes.

When it comes to cheating it really depends on the individual relationship. One person may have different definitions for cheating than their partner. If both are not open about this it could cause some problems. If you’re worried about VR porn becoming an issue in your own relationship it may be time to have the ‘cheating’ conversation and lay down some ground rules.

The Day Has Come Where Smell Is An Option

Mar 15, 2017 – Virtual reality technology has always been exciting for many but the technology is still working out all of the kinks. Many are still enjoying the VR porn that is available right now while the creators and developers are trying to brainstorm ways to help the user be more ‘involved’ in the experience. They’ve already come out with VR toys that help you experience a more ‘real’ encounter with the porn actor.

Now there’s a new option that will soon be available; smell. Imagine putting on your VR headset and being able to smell the actor you’re with or the environment…now it can be a reality. The odor of sex isn’t pleasing to everyone but not to worry. You’ll have the option of choosing from 30 different scents to suit your specific aroma desires.

So How Will It Work?

It’s a device called’ OhRama’ and it’s designed similar to a gas mask. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and sets beneath your goggles so as not to interfere with the experience. The mask holds two different canisters so you can place the scent of your choice inside before you begin your pleasurable encounter.

Right now the device is being designed to be used with cam websites. These websites allows users to watch live streams of actors. Now users will be able to smell the actor or the room while watching their favorite webcam star.

Recommended Scents for Men

If you’re looking to get excited quickly with the help of smell choose arousing scents; a pumpkin/lavender scent to be exact. Dr. Alan Hirsch, a smell researcher, says lavender/pumpkin scents arouse men the most. Of course, with 30 different scents to choose from you’ll likely find several that bring about arousal faster.

Upon launch of the OhRama you can expect to spend around $60 for the device and up to $30 for replacement canisters. Not a bad price to pay if you’re looking to enhance your VR porn experiences.

VR Porn Demystified

Jul 27, 2016 – Virtual Reality is an on screen augmented (artificial) environment that users experience through VR head gear. The setting captures programmed sights and sounds that trick the brain into picking them as a real world.

The VR world has hit the 21st century with vigor, and many gaming companies and gamers worldwide are using more VR platforms. To access a virtual reality, users need to buy a VR equipment such an Oculus headset to be taken to this new and exhilarating environment.

Many industries are trying to integrate VR into their products/services to keep up with user demands. The Porn Industry hasn’t been left behind and is now giving users a new experience.

VR Porn is now the craze and just recently, a VR Porn convention was canceled due to overbooking. People are eager to experience the thrill of sex in a 180°-360° angle. Like everything else new, VR Porn has piqued quite a lot of interest.

The Difference Between VR Porn and Traditional Porn

In traditional porn videos, viewers only get to watch sexual acts on a 2D scale.

In VR, however, the user wears the headset and the actor/actress is in proximity with their faces where their viewing angle becomes wider and the user can focus on different areas of the room.


The viewer may choose the areas they want to focus on such as the face of the actor(s), they can concentrate on the genital area or any other part they want. VR Porn transports the user into the room where the sexual action is taking place making him/her feel more engaged.

The reality is; the current VR Porn content available is yet to deliver the real satisfaction that it’s capable of. Users see themselves in the same room as the actor(s) and can observe the action at a close degree, but that’s all they can do, unfortunately.

But given the feedback VR Porn producers have received, time is coming where users will start interacting with the actor and the scene.

Once they introduce an interactive platform where users can choose to undress, choose the location and perform the acts they want to the actor, then we shall see more and more individuals becoming immersed in VR Porn.

The Beauty of VR Porn

To some, they think the world is ending with the introduction of VR Porn, but I beg to differ. I believe that this new form of porn will help many people become more confident.

Individuals who don’t have the self-esteem to approach a woman and ask for sexual favors will now use this new environment to try out their skills and become confident.

Couples stuck in a rut can use virtual reality together and discover new sexual experiences they haven’t tried before!

VR Porn is the present and the future! Anybody who loves porn will be grateful that they can now use a platform that helps them be part of the action!

Is VR Porn The End Of The World As We Know It?

May 24, 2016 – In more harmless (ignorant) times, people believed cycle chairs flipped women into lesbians. Its probably fair to assume this hypothesis is nonsense, while it’s never technically been disproved.

When the chattering classes are discussing the beginnings of sexual orientation, the push-bike is no more a bone of contention. The homophobic zero- life proceeded and technophobes of the early 1900s were swiftly discredited.

However, this is only one illustration of technophobia among several cases. There have been concerns raised about vibrators making women weary in guys, describes Dr. Ley, the writer of Moral Porn for Wang; A Mans Guide to Viewing Enjoyment that is Responsible. People in Utah believed web porn may cause the end of marriages.

The pornography company is an anomaly. On one hand, it stays as one of the most controversial and taboo multibillion-dollar businesses around the world. On the other, it has pushed on the technological progress of numerous press and demonstrated itself to be a flexible monster in the process. From pictures to the vast collection of web porn available nowadays, VHS to magazines, the adult entertainment business has always been ready to innovate its stages.

Porn literacy

It was something looking at an image of a scantily clad product you hid below your bed in the 80’s. But in 2016, both virtual reality (VR) and augmented-reality (AR) engineering provides consumers of porn a more realistic sex encounter made possible through technology supplied by popular companies such as Samsung and Apple in combination with adult sites like Pornhub.

As it becomes increasingly more like the real point, the technophobe in us must ask if this might introduce new issues.
Porn literacy is more important than ever, claims Marty Klein, author of His Porn, Her Pain: Confronting Americas Porn Panic With Fair Talk About Sex because its getting more like the genuine point.

Consumers and their companions have to recognize how its produced, and what’s portrayed is perhaps not what real sex is like.


VR has become a component of life in several ways, not simply with porn. As a society, we carry on to have problems dealing with increasing chances to multitask, have communicating that is asynchronous, and have constant, intense stimulation all that sabotage affair, says Klein.

Nevertheless, others claim that improvements in porn delivery are predictable by product of life in the 21st century. To a large degree, social want feeds technological change, describes Doctor Darlene Ging, specialist in new media at DCU on sex and gender. In other words, it may possibly in fact function as the lack of closeness in a world already fragmented by people having to work shifts that are long and transfer to just -commutable lodging that pushes people to locate alternate forms of affair.

You’ll find several ways to get your shoes that are electronic on the net, some that contain relationships with real people on one other end. With virtual reality games or programs, the other individual isn’t actual, states Dr. Ging. Again, developing real relationships in the picture, as with their hardware and applications or many interpersonal commentary about this tends to focus on the potentially adverse implications re-affair what happens when people get connected to her? That is an issue that is very legitimate, whether you look at it from entirely a standpoint that is sociological, philosophical or psychological.

The launch of new technologies into a sphere such as pornography can also function to compound complex, societal ills. It might reinforce unhelpful prejudices and distortions of reality, as VR tech incorporates itself into the power relations already present in the porn business.

Take Love Additionally, a dating simulation game developed for the DS, at which female times change their personas to adapt to the demands and desires of the [ man ] user, indicates Ging.

Here is the core of the difficulty these technologies could be employed in lots of different ways by individuals that are different but they’re being, and may carry on to be, promoted largely to right males. And, only because they will necessarily utilize the existing, primarily man porn market that is heterosexual, their improvement and use may be shaped by that sex dynamic.