Harley Jade & Karla Kush In Naughty & Nice

Best friends Harley Jade and Karla Kush were hanging out together, relaxing on Harley’s bed, and talking about shopping when Karla told Harley a story about hooking up with a guy she met the night before who rocked her world in bed. Harley admitted to only having sex once so Karla told her about all the different positions and how good they feel. Talking turned to action as the girls stripped down and Karla gave her lessons on how to eat pussy and have sex. Harley came as Karla ate her pussy then they switched and Harley ate her first pussy. Karla then admitted that she sometimes hooks up with her stepbrother. The girls decided to bring him into the bed and turn this one on one lesson into a threesome. Downstairs, the girls knelt in front of him and Karla showed Harley how to give head. The two girls stripped as they took turns sucking his cock then Karla got on top and rode his cock while she kissed Harley and Harley played with her ass. Karla came on his cock then it was Harley’s turn to get on top and bounce. When Harley got on top she lost her mind with how good it felt. Karla played with her bouncing tits as she slammed herself down on that dick cumming over and over again. Both girls kissed him while kissing each other then they let him eat their pussies. He stood up and fucked Karla while Harley rode her face then he bent Harley over and drilled her from behind. When it was finally his turn to cum Harley got her first ever cumshot in her mouth. All three agreed they would have to have another lesson soon.

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