Poppin The Hood/ Katrina Jade

Katrina Jade pays for her mistakes with some pussy. She had talked this guy into driving his nice convertible. When she tried to park it she scratched it. Badly wanting to make it up to him, she reached over and unzipped his jeans so she could pull his cock out and blow him while he relaxed in the passenger’s seat of the car. Katrina pulled her long, brown hair away from her pretty face as she sucked so we could see the tattoo on the side of her head. As she continued to give him head, the action moved to the back seat where she stripped off her overall shorts then she shed the bikini she had on under them, showing off her pierced pussy and perky, big tits with pierced nipples. After a nice close up as she rubbed her pussy, she sat on his dick, taking every inch inside her tight, shaved pussy. Her tits jiggled as she bounced on his cock. She blew him then rode him reverse cowgirl style before having him get out of the car so she could blow him while he stood up. With one leg on the hood of the car, he bent her over and pounded her pussy from behind. She moaned loudly and looked over her shoulder, making eye contact with him as he fucked her hard. Things came to a climax when he spread her out on the hood of the car and fucked her then spun her around and fucked her mouth until he shot his hot load.

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