Sexy Gamer Girl Part 1/Kimmy Granger

Kimmy Granger was relaxing in her favorite chair in her underwear and knee high socks playing her favorite video game. As she played, she stripped off what little she was wearing. First to go was her bra. Her long, blonde hair covered up some of her small, perky tits, but they come out to play when she stands up to slip her panties off. After losing her last game she was so horny she couldn’t hold out any longer. She lay back in her chair and pulled her legs up then she pressed the game controller up against her clit and rubbed. She licked the handle of the controller and rubbed it against her clit then she decided she needed something better so she grabbed her favorite vibrator, turned it up high and pressed it against her clit. She came so hard with her toy her glasses nearly started steaming up. After the first orgasm she flipped over onto her hands and knees and used the vibrator on herself from behind. The game was long forgotten as she fingered her pussy then licked her juices from her fingers before using the vibrator on her clit to cum one last, intense time.

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