Tour Of Booty – Henessy

When serving your country, being far away from the object of your lust is pretty hard. VR porn can be handy, but it’s even better when your girl records a dirty video just for you. Henessy has been missing you a lot; dreaming about you; wishing she could touch your body. Just that thought is getting her excited, so she pulls her shirt up and starts playing with her perfect tits, caressing her perky nipples for the camera. Henessy giggles playfully as she has a confession to make, so she leans closer to you and whispers in her sexy accent, “I’m not wearing panties.” Wasting no time, she takes her shorts off to show you precisely that. She’s got another surprise for you: She puts on parts of your own army uniform, so she can remember your scent. She begins to rub her clit and keeps talking dirty to you. But since you’re not there with her, she needs some extra help. Pulling out her dildo, she begins to fuck her own dripping pussy with it. Henessy knows what you’d want to do to her, and she’s ready to please you. “Do you want me to stick it in my ass?” she asks mischievously, sucking it first to get it wetter and sliding it right in her tight butthole. She hopes you’re enjoying it as much as she is. Henessy turns around and bends over on the couch, continuing to bury that toy deep inside her ass. She tries different positions; all of the ones she wishes you could be fucking her in. Laying on her back, spreading for you, Henessy gets closer and closer until she has a powerful orgasm, curling her toes and shaking in delight. It’s all because of you, she reminds you. Just think about it: Next time, it’ll be you for real.

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